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Table 3 Factor structure of the German CWS

From: A survey on worries of pregnant women - testing the German version of the Cambridge Worry Scale

Factors of the German CWS Factor loading
Socio-medical (26.6% a)  
   Going to hospital 0.83
   Internal examinations 0.65
   Giving birth 0.73
   Coping with the new baby 0.58
Socio-economic and relationships (12.8% a )  
   Your housing 0.69
   Money problems 0.74
   Your relationship with your husband/partner 0.61
   Your relationship with your family and friends 0.44
   Employment problems 0.57
Health of the baby (8.1% a )  
   The possibility of something being wrong with the baby 0.66
   The possibility of miscarriage 0.76
Health of mother/other (7.9% a )  
   Your own health 0.51
   The health of someone close to you 0.87
  1. a Percentage of the total variance explained by the factor