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Table 1 Barriers in road traffic injury prevention

From: The requirements and challenges in preventing of road traffic injury in Iran. A qualitative study

Categories Human factor Transport system Coordination
Sub categories Traffic safety culture Enforcement Vehicle safety Infrastructure Organizational coordination
Codes Lack of road safety knowledge Lack of strengthened traffic law legislation Insufficient vehicle safety Lack of separate lanes for low speed vehicles Lack of an overall agency to coordinate road safety policy
  Lack of compliance with traffic law Lack of sufficient authority for traffic police Lack of vehicle safety standards test Lack of safe routes for walking and cycling Lack of coordination among organizations
  Lack of knowledge of traffic law Lack of modern equipment for traffic police monitoring Old car fleet Insufficient road repairs Parallel activities for some tasks
  A sense of urgency in road-users Too easy to get driving license Incompatibility of the vehicles on the road Many accident black spots Interaction in the duties of the other organizations
  Driving without caution Old fashioned traffic monitoring by police Difficulty in motorcycle visibility Inadequately separated roads Lack of sustainability of the preventive plan
  Insufficient driving training prior to licence Low fines for traffic offences Non-standard motorcycles Non-standard roads Lack of comprehensive injury surveillance
  Lack of confidence in motorcycle helmet use Difficulty in confiscating vehicles from offenders Lack of attention to child safety equipment Lack of guard rails on dangerous roads Excessive workload for traffic police dealing with drivers
  Lack of attention to seat belt use Public's lack of confidence in the police Lack of vehicle air bags Inadequate traffic signs on the roads Lack of a "National Decision" for RTI prevention
  Traditional wearing of dark clothes Lack of sustainability of the preventive plan Lack of ABS Insufficient road lighting Lack of enough research activities
  People's expectations of leniency
from police when offending
  Substandard motorcycles   Lack of reliable RTI data
  Low attention to traffic calming   Lack of standard equipment in vehicles   Inadequate public transport