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Table 7 Summary of Sessions with Dietitian

From: Lifestyle modification and metformin as long-term treatment options for obese adolescents: study protocol

Elective Nutrition Sessions (14)
Taught at the discretion of the dietitian and therefore may include but not limited to curriculum below
Timing and detail may be modified to meet individual needs
Month 3-24 Hunger, satiety cues and picky eaters
  Nutrition Facts Tables
  Healthy eating versus fad diets
  Menu planning, shopping and budgeting
  Sports nutrition
  Heart healthy eating (cholesterol, sodium and healthy fats)
  Hydration and fluids (water and milk versus energy and sports drinks)
  Vitamins, minerals and supplements
  Sugars and sugar substitutes
  Strategies for eating out and holiday foods
  Soluble versus insoluble fibre (strategies to meet fibre recommendations)
  Recipe Makeover (making recipes healthier, nutrition websites)
  Glycemic Index
  Home made versus processed foods
(creative, healthy ideas for back to school lunches and snacks)