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Table 5 Summary of Group Family Sessions

From: Lifestyle modification and metformin as long-term treatment options for obese adolescents: study protocol

1 Orientation Night Chance for participants to meet REACH health care team and each other.
2 Grocery Store Tour Dietitian runs this tour, help families learn to read labels, shop for healthy food within a budget
3 Jeopardy Night Review what families have learned in a fun and (slightly!) competitive environment.
4 Cooking Class Dietitian runs this cooking class. Chance for participants to learn how to cook easy, healthy meals.
5 Outdoor Activity Have fun being active together outside
6 Community Center Activity Night Have fun being active together as a family and with other participants
7 Inspirational Speaker Motivate participants to continue to make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes
8 Potluck Dinner Celebration after completing 2 years of the study. Chance for participants to bring some of their favorite healthy meals to share with each other.