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Table 2 Percentage of women* and men§ in each survey mode who answered the sexual behavior questions

From: Assessing knowledge of human papillomavirus and collecting data on sexual behavior: computer assisted telephone versus face to face interviews

  Women Men
Sexual behavior items CATI FTFI CATI FTFI
  % % % %
Number of sexual partners over life time 91.0a 83.3a 85.0 80.7
Number of sexual partners over past 12 months 95.2b 84.3b 90.2f 85.6f
Number of current regular sexual partners 94.6c 76.9c 91.1g 74.9g
Contraception used during first-time sex 95.6d 81.6d 92.6h 83.2h
Age at first sex 89.8e 70.2e 85.6i 70.9i
  1. *N = 2145. §N = 930. CATI = computer assisted telephone interview. FTFI = face to face interview. Proportions that share the same superscript differ at p < .05 using chi-square tests