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Table 1 SHARP health and wellbeing outcomes

From: The SHARP study: a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the short-term outcomes of housing and neighbourhood renewal

Housing and area outcomes
The home environment (including warmth, damp, mould, space and privacy; The affordability of rent and utility payments
Neighbourhood outcomes
Satisfaction with the area; Problems with the area; Friendliness of local people; Antisocial behaviour; Physical environment; Participation in local activities; Relationships with others in the local community (including social capital); Sense of "belonging" to the community; Use of local services and amenities
General physical and mental health and wellbeing
Long-standing illness (LSI) and common symptoms; Respiratory conditions; Health behaviours; Child health and school attendance; Health-related quality of life (SF-36);[1921]; Accidents in and outside the home; The use of health and community services, such as GP consultations, hospital visits (emergency, out-patients and admittances) and use of medications
Other psychosocial outcomes
Sense of control over circumstances; Social participation, including social interactions with family, friends and neighbours; Sense of community; Perceptions of safety; Social capital; Psychosocial benefits of the home (e.g., privacy, identity, status)