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Table 5 Comparison of responders and non-responders on key variables

From: Supporting adolescent emotional health in schools: a mixed methods study of student and staff views in England

Key Variables Responders
N (%)
N (%)
Below average size 30 (42.25) 118 (52.7)
Below average free school meal eligibility 38 (53.5) 114 (50.9)
Above average SATS results 37 (52.1) 105 (46.9)
Religious affiliation 26 (36.6) 71 (31.7)
  1. Notes
  2. 1. Although all state schools receive local authority funding, follow the national curriculum, and are inspected by the national childcare inspectorate Ofsted, two types (voluntary-controlled and voluntary-aided) work in partnership with at least one charitable foundation, which is often a religious organisation. This organisation typically owns the school buildings, and may appoint some members of the governing body, as well as having some influence over the ethos and religious teaching in the school.