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Table 4 Student Focus Group Topic Guide

From: Supporting adolescent emotional health in schools: a mixed methods study of student and staff views in England

What makes young people feel good or happy?
Are there things in school that help students feel good or happy?
What else could be done or changed in school to make students feel good or happy?
What sort of problems do people your age have?
What difficult feelings do people your age have?
Do you think teachers are aware of the sorts of problems that young people face?
Are there things this school does or provides that help students who are having problems or difficult feelings?
What do young people do if they have a problem/difficult feelings?
Are there people in school you can go to if you have those problems/feelings?
Are there things that could be changed/set up in schools that would help people who were having problems/difficult feelings?
Do you have lessons on emotional health and wellbeing?
   IF YES: how many, topics, who teaches, what they do, what they like/dislike about the lessons, whether useful or not
   IF NO: would you like lessons on this?
Does the subject emotional health and wellbeing come up in other lessons?
Is there anything else you want to say about what this school could do, to make it a better place for students to be?