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Table 3 Test characteristics of PreDHA questions in identifying a recent mental health disorder diagnosis1 among subjects with available PreDHA2

From: Low validity of self-report in identifying recent mental health diagnosis among U.S. service members completing Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (PreDHA) and deployed to Afghanistan, 2007: a retrospective cohort study

  Odds Ratio Number Needed to Screen
Subject self-reported data   
   "During the past year, have you sought counseling or care for your mental health?" 41.8 49.9
   "Do you have any medical or dental problems?" 2.9 102.6
   "Do you currently have any questions or concerns about your health?" 2.3 372.6
   Positive response to any of the above 10.1 40.5
Provider-reported data   
   Referral indicated 17.1 859.9
   Medical disposition "not deployable" 2.6 532.3
   Positive response on one or more of the above 3.5 372.6
Any of the above   
   One or more of the above 9.5 39.6
  1. 1. Record of one or more pertinent ICD-9CM diagnosis codes in the full year prior to date of deployment.
  2. 2. Within 90 days prior to DTAS deployment date.