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Table 1 Task schedule

From: A randomized controlled multicenter trial of post-suicide attempt case management for the prevention of further attempts in Japan (ACTION-J)

  during admission at discharge 1 w after discharge 4 w 8 w 12 w 6 m 12 m 18 m 24 m 30 m 36 m 42 m Interim/Final analysis
Psychiatric diagnosis              
Psychoeducation 1*              
Informed consent              
Input data at time of discharge               
Case management (Psychodeucation 2**, others)    
Psychiatric evaluation              
Event Input content of the event (ie, recurrent suicidal behavior, adverse event) into the web system as occasions require
Participant survival (or cause of death of the participant)              
Actions to critical situations In both groups during the study as occasions require
Reports of a serious adverse event Prompt report to the director of the hospital and the study group management office in both groups as occasions require
  1. : implemented in both groups; : implemented only in experimental intervention group
  2. *: Psychoeducation Program I to all participants in both groups
  3. **: Psychoeducation Program II to their family members during hospitalization in the experimental group
  4. w: week, m: month