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Table 4 Unit costs per person reached by intervention in 2008 $US.

From: Determining a cost effective intervention response to HIV/AIDS in Peru

STI treatment $US
Cost per STI case treated 3.7
Youth $US
Cost per youth reached by peer educator 8.0
Cost per teacher trained 62.0
Commercial sex worker $US
Cost per sex worker reached 124.0
Mass media $US
Cost per person reached with mass media 0.4
Cost per person reached 103.0
Voluntary counselling and testing $US
Total costs per client 40.0
Prevention of mother to child transmission $US
Cost per mother and child treated 23.2
Antiretroviral programmes* $US
Basic† 3379
Intermediate‡ 3788
Comprehensive§ 3792
  1. Further details of the individual unit costs and assumptions made for each intervention are provided in the supplementary materials that accompany the manuscript [see Additional file 1].
  2. *Costing for highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) were computed based on local protocols and prior analysis[1].
  3. † Antiretrovirals, Monitoring (CD4 + Viral Load)
  4. ‡ Basic programme + Imaging tests, additional lab monitoring, administrative costs
  5. § Intermediate programme + treatment of opportunistic infections