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Table 4 Predictors of ever having sexual intercourse in female undergraduate students (n = 4,769)

From: Multiple sex partner behavior in female undergraduate students in China: A multi-campus survey

Demographic Variables     
Explanatory variables Empty Model Model 1 Demographics
OR (95% CI)
Model 2 Demos + influ
OR (95% CI)
Model 3 All factors
OR (95% CI)
Age (continuous)   1.52(1.43–1.61)d 1.46(1.38–1.55)e 1.27(1.16–1.39)e
Home locationa     
   Eastern coastal regions   1.00 1.00 1.00
   Central areas   1.33(1.03–1.72)e 1.25(0.96–1.63) 1.35(1.02–1.80)e
   Western areas   1.18(0.85–1.64) 1.03(0.73–1.45) 0.95(0.66–1.36)
Parents' economic statusa     
   Poor   1.00 1.00 1.00
   Average   2.15(1.77–2.60)f 1.92(1.57–2.34)f 1.48(1.19–1.83)f
   Rich   4.93(3.77–6.45)f 3.79(2.86–5.01)f 2.76(2.03–3.75)f
Family, peer, and work influences     
Parents' disciplinary stylea     
   Strict    1.00 1.00
   Average    0.76(0.61–0.95)e 0.75(0.59–0.94)e
   Relaxed    0.65(0.51–0.82)f 0.58(0.45–0.75)f
Only one child(yes)b    1.16(0.97–1.39) 0.89(0.73–1.08)
Parents divorced(yes)b    1.91(1.40–2.60)f 1.64(1.17–2.31)f
Middle-school close classmates and friends disapproving of premarital sex (yes)b    0.91(0.76–1.08) 1.01(0.83–1.21)
Middle-school close friends falling in love (yes)b    1.50(1.25–1.79)f 1.10(0.90–1.33)
Current close friends living with boyfriend (yes) b    3.40(2.66–4.35)f 2.48(1.90–3.24)f
Work at place of entertainment (yes)b    2.37(1.78–3.15)f 2.11(1.54–2.88)f
Current student factors     
   Literature and history     1.00
   Science and technology     1.32(1.03–1.81)e
   Medical science     0.32(0.23–0.45)f
   Art     1.41(0.97–2.05)
Year in school (continuous)     1.12(0.98–1.27)
Academic performancea     
   Excellent     1.00
   Medium     1.37(1.11–1.69)f
   Poor     1.92(1.39–2.64)f
Feelings depressed in college(yes) b     1.02(0.97–1.08)
Score in sex-related knowledge (continuous) b     1.07(1.06–1.08)e
Approve/accept premarital sex (yes)b     5.00(3.83–6.52)f
Approve/accept multiple sex partners (yes)b     0.97(0.76–1.24)
Between university variance(SE c ) 0.429(0.175) 0.157(0.074) 0.045(0.029) 0.017(0.018)
Explained variance d (%)   63.40 89.51 96.04
  1. a The first category was used as reference group. b Dichotomous variables with 0 (condition absent) as reference group. c Standard error. d Explained 'between university' variance using the variance in the empty model as reference. e p < 0.05 f p < 0.01