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Table 2 Measurement scheme

From: Community pharmacist intervention in depressed primary care patients (PRODEFAR study): randomized controlled trial protocol

  Instrument T0 T1 T2
Baseline measures     
Socio-demographics Questionnaire X   
Psychiatric diagnosis SCID-I X   
Chronic physical conditions Check list X   
Effect evaluation     
Compliance Medication intake percentage Continuous registration
Compliance MAQ   X X
Severity of depression PHQ-9 X X X
Health-related quality of life EuroQOL-5D X X X
Anxiety (state) STAI-S X X X
Side-effects Check-list   X X
Satisfaction Armando PD questionnaire   X X
Economic evaluation     
Direct and indirect costs CSRI – adapted X X X
  1. T0 = Baseline, T1 = 3 months after baseline, T2 = 6 months after baseline.
  2. SCID-I: Structured Clinical Interview Axis I DSM-IV; MAQ: Medication Adherence questionnaire; PHQ-9: Patient Health Questionnaire 9-item depression module; EuroQOL-5D: European Quality of Life Scale – 5 domains; STAI-S: State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (State subscale); CSRI: Client Service Receipt Inventory.