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Table 1 Admission diagnoses and likelihood of infection. Zewditu Memorial Hospital, Addis Ababa (2003–04, age 16 and above)

From: Implications of the HIV testing protocol for refusal bias in seroprevalence surveys

  % HIV+ N ICD-10 code
Diarrhoea and GE of presumed infectious origin 66.7 42 A09
Respiratory TB 69.7 33 A15–16
Other TB 60.0 15 A17–19
HIV 100.0 2 B2
Malaria 17.1 35 B50–54
Herpes zoster, oral candiasis, toxoplasmosis and PCP 94.7 38 B02, B37, B58–59
Other infectious and parasitic diseases 14.0 43 A01, A03, A07, A30, A35, A41, A63–64, A68, A75, A82, B45
Neoplasm's of breast, cervix, uterus and leiomyoma 14.6 48 C50, C53–55, D25–26
Other neoplasms (benign and malignant) 0.0 25 C0, C2–4, C51–52, C56–58, C6–9, D0, D22–24, D3–4
Thyroid disorders 9.9 71 E00–05
Diabetes and hypoglycemia 11.1 27 E10–E16
Diseases of the nervous system (mainly meningitis) 35.7 14 G00, G03–04, G25, G40, G54
Hypertension 7.1 28 I10–I13
Hypotension 61.9 21 I95
Other diseases of the circulatory system 6.7 45 I05, I09, I15, I21, I31, I38, I49–51, I61, I63–64, I80, I83–I84, I86, I88
Pneumonia 30.6 36 J18
Other diseases of the respiratory system 26.9 26 J11, J44–46, J86, J90, J93–94, J98
Gastritis and other diseases of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum 15.0 60 K27, K29–31
Diseases of the appendix 9.0 78 K35, K37–38
Hernia and intestinal obstruction 5.7 70 K40, K42–43, K46, K56
Cholelithiasis and diseases of the pancreas 6.1 132 K80, K82, K85–K86
Other diseases of the digestive system 15.8 38 K04, K12, K60, K62–63, K65–66, K72–73, K75–76, K83, K91–93
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue 22.2 9 L, M
Glomerular diseases and diseases of the urinary system 13.6 22 N0–3
Diseases of male genital organs 2.6 38 N4
Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs and disorders of the female genital tract 20.0 25 N7–9
Complications of pregnancy and delivery 15.9 44 O
Fever of unknown origin 32.7 104 R50
Chronic illness 79.3 29 R69
Symptoms signs and abnormal clinical findings not elsewhere specified 17.5 63 R0–4, R56–58, R62
External causes and injuries 7.7 39 S, T, X
Other and unknown admission diagnoses 12.9 31 A80, B19, B56, D5–8, E15, E40–42, E55, E83, E86, E88, K36, P07, Q43, Q53, U, Z4
Total 22.2 1331