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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratios of anger-out behaviors according to depressive symptoms among study participants

From: Anger expression, violent behavior, and symptoms of depression among male college students in Ethiopia

OR (95% CI)
Anger-Out Behaviors  
   Express anger 1.15 (0.84–1.59)
   Make sarcastic remarks 1.43 (1.06–1.92)
   Slam doors 1.88 (1.40–2.52)
   Argue with others 1.63 (1.22–2.19)
   Strike out 2.43 (1.78–3.31)
   Say nasty things 2.06 (1.52–2.78)
   Lose temper 1.78 (1.34–2.41)
   Tell if someone annoys 1.01 (0.79–1.39)
  1. *Adjusted for College Level (Continuous), Witnessing Parental Violence (Yes/No), Violent Behavior (No/Yes), Negative Life Events (Continuous), and Smoking (No/Yes)