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Table 1 1997 Ontario mandatory health programs and services guidelines

From: Applying the balanced scorecard to local public health performance measurement: deliberations and decisions

Standard Goal
Equal Access To ensure that all Ontarians have access to public health programs.
Health Hazard Investigation To prevent or reduce adverse health outcomes resulting from exposure to health hazards as defined in the Health Protection and Promotion Act and including biological, physical, and chemical agents, natural or manmade.
Program Planning and Evaluation To ensure that local programs address the health needs of the community, with cost-effective, efficient, evidence-based approaches.
Chronic Disease Prevention To reduce the premature mortality and morbidity from preventable chronic diseases.
Early Detection of Cancer To reduce mortality from breast cancer and cervical cancer by increasing early detection.
Injury Prevention Including Substance Abuse Prevention To reduce disability, morbidity and mortality caused by motorized vehicles, bicycle crashes, alcohol and other substances, falls in the elderly and to prevent drowning in specific recreational water facilities.
Sexual Health To promote healthy sexuality.
Reproductive Health To support healthy pregnancies.
Child Health To promote the health of children and youth.
Control of Infectious Diseases To reduce the incidence of infectious diseases of public health importance.
Food Safety To improve the health of the population by reducing the incidence of food-borne illness.
Infection Control To reduce transmission of infectious diseases.
Rabies Control To prevent the occurrence of rabies in humans.
Safe Water To reduce the incidence of water-borne illness in the population.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Including HIV/AIDS To reduce the incidence of and complications from all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDS.
Tuberculosis (TB) Control To reduce the incidence of tuberculosis (TB).
Vaccine Preventable Diseases To reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases.