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Table 1 Classification of the reason for HIV testing of visitors to public health centers in Korea (2005).

From: Characteristics of HIV seroprevalence of visitors to public health centers under the national HIV surveillance system in Korea: cross sectional study

Class Reason for HIV testing Regulation
General group - Health checkup: a comprehensive physical examination
- Medical certificate: to apply for workplace permits, residence halls, licenses, officers, workers, welfare centers, detention centers and in shelters for women.
- Prenatal checkup
- Others: Employees of motels, restaurants, and beauty salons, etc.
Voluntary testing
(but medical certificate for a job or residence appeared to be by routine testing.).
HIV infection s
uspected group
- Referral by doctor: to take additional HIV tests when doctors suspect HIV infection at diagnosis
- Voluntary test taker: to take HIV test as identified if suspicious.
Voluntary testing (because doctors or themselves are suspicious about HIV infection).
HIV test recommended group (HIV TRG) - Tuberculosis patient
- Prisoner
- Partner of HIV-infected individual
Though routine test regulated by "Guideline for HIV/AIDS control.
Sexually transmitted infection risk group (STI risk group) - Commercial sex worker(CSW)
- Bar employee
- Tea-room employee
- Massage parlor
- Others: one of the above four categories, but not specified
Mandatory testing except male, regular mandatory HIV tests are taken every six months by "Guideline for HIV/AIDS control" to prevent the spread of HIV to general population.