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Table 5 PMTCT activities that TBAs would agree to participate in TBA survey, Murewa and Goromonzi districts, Zimbabwe, 2006 (n = 72)

From: Participation of traditional birth attendants in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services in two rural districts in Zimbabwe: a feasibility study

  Traditional birth attendant (TBAs) †
  Report performing it < 25% > 75%
-Raise awareness    *
-Inform women/men of the benefits of HIV testing    *
- Refer women for HIV testing 14%   *
- Perform blood test   *  
- Dispense the medication to the women    *
- Directly observe the women ingest the medication during labour    *
- Inform women on appropriate breastfeeding measures    *
- Provide psychological support to HIV + women    *
- Provide continuum of care to HIV + mother and child    *
- Refer the infant to a health centre for medication    *
- Accompany infant to the health centre for medication   *  
- Provide medication to the infant    *
Assist health centre in the documentation of ANC services 16% *  
  1. † All comparisons between trained and untrained TBAs are not statistically significant
  2. ANC: antenatal care