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Table 4 Selected obstetric and PMTCT factors related to place of delivery among women who delivered in the last year, TBA survey, Murewa and Goromonzi districts, Zimbabwe, 2006, univariate analysis.

From: Participation of traditional birth attendants in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services in two rural districts in Zimbabwe: a feasibility study

Selected characteristics Women who delivered at home
(n = 208)
Women who delivered at a health facility
(n = 209)
Had received ANC services (> 1)/contact health centre 72.6% 91.0% < 0.001
Pregnant women chose place of delivery 39.4% 63.6% < 0.001
Basic knowledge on PMTCT 68.9% 71.2% 0.52
Knows where closest PMTCT site is located 57.4% 64.7% 0.11
Agree to disclosure HIV status to a TBA 61.5% 61.2% 0.96
  1. ANC: antenatal care; PMTCT: prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV; TBA: traditional birth attendant