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Table 1 Search Strategy conducted in MEDLINE, EMBASE and CINAHL

From: A systematic review of school-based sexual health interventions to prevent STI/HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Ovid MEDLINE(R) 1966 to April Week 2 2006 EMBASE 1988 to 2006 Week 16 CINAHL – Cumulative Index to Nursing, Allied Health Literature 1982 to April Week 3 2006
Exp Randomized Controlled Trials/ Randomized Controlled Trial/ exp Clinical Trials/
Exp Random Allocation/ exp Randomization/ exp Random Assignment/
Exp Controlled Clinical Trials/ Clinical Trial/ exp Double-Blind Studies/
Exp Clinical Trials/ exp CONTROL/ exp Single-Blind Studies/
Exp Double-Blind Method/ exp Control Group/ exp Comparative Studies/
Exp Single-Blind Method/ exp Case Control Study/ exp Prospective Studies/
Exp Evaluation Studies/ Double Blind Procedure/ exp Concurrent Prospective Studies/
Exp Intervention Studies/ Single Blind Procedure/ exp Pilot Studies/
Exp Cohort Studies/ exp Comparative Study/ exp Validation Studies/
Exp Prospective Studies/ exp Prospective Study/ exp INTERVENTION TRIALS/
Exp Longitudinal Studies/ exp Longitudinal Study/ random$.tw.
Exp Follow-Up Studies/ exp Pilot Study/ (intervention$ adj5 stud$).tw.
Exp Epidemiologic Studies/ exp Evaluation/ (random$ or alloc$ or assign$).ti, ab.
Exp Multicenter Studies/ exp "Types of Study"/ exp Preventive Trials/
validation exp Cohort Analysis/ or/1–14
random$.tw. exp Follow Up/ exp SCHOOLS/
(intervention$ adj5 stud$).tw. Multicenter Study/ exp Schools, Elementary/
(random$ or alloc$ or assign$).ti, ab. Validation Process/ exp Schools, Middle/
or/1–18 random$.tw. exp Schools, Secondary/
Exp Schools/ (intervention$ adj5 stud$).tw. exp students, high school/
Exp Health Promotion/ (random$ or alloc$ or assign$).ti, ab. exp Health Education/
Exp Health Education/ or/1–21 exp Health Promotion/
education.ti. exp SCHOOL/ exp Sex Education/
Exp Sex Education/ exp Primary School/ exp School Health Education/
teaching.ti. exp High School/ exp Student Health Education/
(school$ adj5 sex$ adj5 (educat$ or exp School Health Service/ exp HIV Education/
promot$ or interven$ or teach$)).tw. exp Health Promotion/ education.ti.
or/20–26 exp Health Education/ exp Safe Sex/
Exp Africa/ education.ti. (school$ adj5 sex$ adj5 (educat$ or promot$ or interven$ or teach$)).tw.
Exp Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ exp Sexual Education/ or/16–28
Exp HIV/ Education Program/ exp "Africa South of the Sahara"/
Exp HIV Infections/ teaching.ti. exp Sexually Transmitted Diseases/
Exp Sexual Behavior/ (school$ adj5 sex$ adj5 (educat$ or promot$ or interven$ or teach$)).tw. exp CHLAMYDIA INFECTIONS/
Exp Unsafe Sex/ or/23–33 exp CHLAMYDIA/
Exp Gonorrhea/ exp AFRICA/ exp Chlamydia Trachomatis/
Exp Chlamydia/ exp "Africa South of the Sahara"/ exp GONORRHEA/
(sex$ adj3 behaviour$).tw. 35 or 36 exp Human Immunodeficiency Virus/
(sex$ adj3 transmit$ adj3 (disease$ or infection$)).tw. exp Sexually Transmitted Disease/ exp HIV Infections/
or/29–37 exp Human Immunodeficiency Virus exp Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/
19 and 27 and 28 and 38 Infection/ (sex$ adj3 transmit$ adj3 (disease$ or infection$)).tw.
limit 39 to yr = "1986 – 2006" exp CHLAMYDIASIS/ or/32–40
limit 40 to "all child (0 to 18 years)" exp GONORRHEA/ 15 and 30 and 31 and 41
  exp SYPHILIS/ limit 42 to yr = "1986 – 2006"
  exp TRICHOMONIASIS/ limit 43 to (child <6 to 12 years > or adolescence <13 to 18 years>)
  exp Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome/  
  exp Sexual Behavior/  
  (sex$ adj3 behaviour$).tw.  
  (sex$ adj3 transmit$ adj3 (disease$ or infection$)).tw.  
  22 and 34 and 37 and 48  
  limit 49 to (school child <7 to 12 years> or adolescent <13 to 17 years>)