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Table 1 Primary model inputs and references for the coronary heart disease (CHD) Policy Model-China

From: The future impact of population growth and aging on coronary heart disease in China: projections from the Coronary Heart Disease Policy Model-China

Variable Source
Population of China 2000–2029* United States Census Bureau International Database,[1]
Chinese National Bureau of Statistics[2]
Incidence of CHD China Multi-provincial Cohort Study (CMCS),[27] 1992–2002
Sino-MONICA,[24] Beijing, 1993–2004
Prevalence of CHD in 2000 International Collaborative Study of Cardiovascular Disease in Asia Study (InterASIA),[28] 2000–2001
China National Hypertension Survey Epidemiology Follow-up Study (CHEFS),[8] 1991–2000
Total and Cause-Specific Mortality  
   Total For total mortality: Global Burden of Disease Study, 2002 [36]
   CHD For cause-specific mortality:
   Non-CHD CHEFS[8], Global Burden of Disease Study, 2002 [36]
CHD risk factor means and joint distributions, 2000 InterASIA [28, 5255, 59]
Risk factor hazards for CHD CMCS [27]
One-day and 28-day CHD case-fatality Sino-MONICA, Beijing 1993–2004 [24]
Revascularization rates Bridging the Gap in Coronary Heart Disease Secondary Prevention (BRIG) Study 2006-present (unpublished data, provided by personal communication, Dong Zhao, M.D., Ph.D., March, 2007)
Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) disability weights and assumptions Global Burden of Disease Study, 2001[35]