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Table 1 Learning objectives: emergency preparedness training program for public health leader

From: Development and evaluation of a leadership training program for public health emergency response: results from a Chinese study

No Core competencies for public health leader
1. Describe the public heath role in emergency response in a range of emergencies that might arise (e.g., This department provides surveillance, investigation, and public information in disease outbreaks and collaborates with other agencies in biological, environmental in weather emergencies).
2 Recognize unusual events that might indicate an emergency and describe appropriate action (e.g., communicate clearly within the chain of command.)
3 Identify limits to own knowledge/skill/authority and identify key system resources for referring matters that exceed these limits.
4 Describe his/her functional role(s) in emergency response and demonstrate his/her role(s) in regular drills.
5 Identify and locate the agency emergency response plan (or the pertinent portion of the plan).
6 Explain the interaction of central and local agencies and describe communication role(s) in emergency response (media, within agency, general public and personal)
7 Evaluate every emergency response drill/emergency response to identify needed internal/external improvements.
8 Describe the chain of command and management system ("incident command system" or "similar protocol") for emergency response in the jurisdiction.
9 Apply creative problem solving and flexible thinking to unusual challenges within his/her functional responsibilities and evaluate effectiveness of all actions taken