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Table 1 Characteristics of disability pension schemes and participants in focus groups in participating countries

From: Medico-legal reasoning in disability assessment: A focus group and validation study

Country Name of scheme Operationalisation of disability Time before assessment Partial incapacity possible Assessment Vis à vis or file or both SIP's concerned (nr included in focus groups)
Belgium Invalidity Pension Medical, rehabilitational 52 weeks No Both Primary SIP (1), primary ánd secondary SIP (6)
Netherlands WAO (Act on insurance of incapacity for work) Medical, functional, rehabilitational 52 weeks Yes (7 degrees) Both Primary SIP (4), secondary SIP (2), appeal SIP (2)
Norway Disability Benefit scheme Medical, rehabilitational Not fixed Yes (over 50%) File Primary SIP (3), clinical consultant (1).
Slovenia Act on Pension and Disability Insurance Medical, functional Not fixed Yes (3 degrees) Both Members of primary team (4), members of appeal team (3), external consultant (1)