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Table 3 Attitudes and norms about malaria and bed net use among women seeking antenatal care in Kinshasa, DRC in 2005/06.

From: Bed net ownership, use and perceptions among women seeking antenatal care in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Opportunities for improved maternal and child health

In your opinion, do you think that most people where you live N %
   are worried/concerned about getting malaria 288 85.21
   believe that using a mosquito net is the best way for prevention against malaria 298 87.65
   would rather buy other things for home rather than buy a mosquito net 266 82.10
   prefer using a mosquito net that they have bought rather than one given to them for free 86 29.76
In your own opinion, do you believe   
   that you are worried about getting malaria 348 99.43
   it is important and beneficial to sleep under a mosquito net every night 347 99.43
   that sleeping under a mosquito net is a good way to protect yourself from malaria 346 98.86
   you would prefer using a mosquito net you have bought better than one given to you for free 46 13.94
   that you wouldn't afford to buy a mosquito net if you didn't receive one for free 55 15.80
   it is useless to use a mosquito net because you can suffer from malaria anyway 77 22.13
   that obtaining a mosquito net in the community where you live is easy 99 28.53
   that malaria is a serious disease 341 97.15
   that it is more difficult to use a mosquito net than taking drugs when you suffer from malaria 21 6.07
   that children suffer from malaria more than adults do 265 79.10
   it's difficult to use a mosquito net 28 8.07
   that mosquito nets that you have to buy are better quality (more effective in preventing malaria) than nets that are given out for free 16 5.08