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Table 1 Outcome measures and testing methods used for phase one.

From: Study Protocol – Metabolic syndrome, vitamin D and bone status in South Asian women living in Auckland, New Zealand: A randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind vitamin D intervention

Measure Method
Blood analysis All analysed by LabPlus, Auckland City Hospital, Auckland
   Fasting plasma insulin Micro-particle enzyme immunoassay technology (MEIA), Abbott Diagnostics
   Fasting plasma glucose An enzymatic colourimetric assay; Roche Glucose reagent kit (Cat. No. 1876899)
   Total cholesterol Enzymatic colourimetric method (Roeschlau and Allain). Roche Cholesterol reagent kit (Cat. No. 1491458)
   Triglycerides Enzymatic conversion. Roche Triglycerides reagent kit (Cat. No. 1727711)
   HDL-C Homogenous enzymatic colourimetric assay. Roche HDL-Cholesterol Plus reagent kit (Cat. No. 04713214)
   LDL-C Calculated
   Serum calcium Colourimetric assay. Roche Calcium reagent kit (Cat. No. 1730240)
   Serum albumin Colourimetric assay. Roche Albumin Plus reagent kit (Cat. No. 1970909)
   Serum high sensitivity CRP Particle enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay. Roche CRPLX reagent kit (Cat. No. 03002039)
   Serum parathyroid hormone "ECLIA" electrochemiluminescence immunoassay. PTH Reagent Pack (Cat. No. 11972103122)
   Serum 25 OH vitamin D Radioimmunoassay, DiaSorin RIA kit (Cat. No. 68100E)
Anthropmetric and clinical assessments:  
   Blood pressure Omron HEM-907 Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
   Temperature Braun ThermoScan Pro 3000 aural thermometer
   Height, weight, waist and hip circumference ISAK anthropometry methods – ISAK level one accredited anthropometrist, Tanita electronic scales, stadiometer, Lufkin tape
   Dietary assessment 4-day food diary. Completed by subjects. Analysed using Foodworks 2007 (Xyris Software). Additional recipes and food lists provided by Indian dietitian
   Medical and family history Questionnaire administered following blood tests