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Table 4 Documents designed for the deskguide scale-up

From: Adapting a generic tuberculosis control operational guideline and scaling it up in China: a qualitative case study

Document Names Target Major Contents
The deskguide Trainers and trainees The major training document for the workshop. To be used on a daily basis.
The facilitator guide Trainers Facilitators' skills and procedures of the training workshop; Key points to be a good facilitator; Suggested training timetable for the day.
The facilitator modules Trainers Major contents of the deskguide to be taught; Actions of trainers needed in the workshop, such as letting trainees read, raising questions, leading discussions and role-plays.
The trainee modules Trainees Information for reading, discussion and role-plays with specific linkage with the deskguide.
The feedback sheet Trainees For trainees' feedback regarding their trainers and the workshop.
The supervision lists Trainers Specific areas to be checked using the deskguide during a supervisory trip to the county CDC. This will be done by the prefecture trainers within a month of the training and faxed to the provincial TB programme.
  1. * All the finalised documents are in Chinese, with pre-final drafts also in English. All documents are free for public use by request to the corresponding author.