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Table 1 Major content of the deskguide and its training module

From: Adapting a generic tuberculosis control operational guideline and scaling it up in China: a qualitative case study

The deskguide (operational guideline):
1) Diagnosis: identifying TB suspects, differentiating TB from similar diseases, TB diagnosis and classification, choosing treatment regimens and dosage;
2) Preparing TB treatment: educating patients, registering and arranging treatment, arranging and educating treatment supporters, screening household contacts;
3) Following up: visiting patients, reviewing patients, arranging sputum tests and changing treatment if necessary, retrieving lost patients, and managing patient interruptions;
4) Determining treatment outcomes: decision on treatment outcomes and ensuring quality of TB management.
The in-service training module included:
1) Introduction of the deskguide and how to use a guideline in practice;
2) Strengthening communication between doctors and TB patients;
3) Educating patients and choosing a treatment supporter;
4) Educating the TB supporter; and
5) Reviewing patients at the county TB dispensary.
The TB case management deskguide and training module (in Chinese and English) are free for public use by request to the corresponding author or visiting the following website: