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Table 1 Description of the Eurofit test components, dimensions tested and units of measurement.

From: A school-based intervention to reduce overweight and inactivity in children aged 6–12 years: study design of a randomized controlled trial

Test component Dimension Description Unit of measurement
Flamingo balance Balance Standing for 1 minute on one leg, while holding the other leg bend backwards in one hand Number of attempts that were needed
Plate tapping Speed Tapping 2 plates (edges 60 cm apart) alternately, with the preferred hand, until each plate was touched 25 times. Time needed measured to the nearest 0.1 second.
Sit and reach Flexibility Bending the trunk and reaching forward as far as possible while sitting on the floor with stretched legs and with the feet placed against a test box with a ruler placed on the top of the box. Difference between feet soles and the tip of the largest finger measured in cm.
Standing broad jump Power Jumping from standing position Distance in cm
Hand-grip Strength Squeezing a hand-dynamo meter as hard as possible with preferred hand Kg to nearest 0.5 kg
Sit-ups Endurance Making as many sit ups as possible for 30 sec Number of sit ups
Bent-arm hang Endurance Maintaining a bent arm position with an over-grip as long as possible while hanging from a bar. Duration measured to the nearest 0.1 sec.
10 × 5 m shuttle run Speed agility Running as fast as possible 10 times between 2 lines, 5 m apart. Time in sec.
20 m shuttle run Endurance Running 20 m forth and back with an initial running pace of 8.0 km/h and a progressive 0.5 km/min raise of the running speed given by a sound. Last completed stage with a precision of 0.5.