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Table 5 Health beliefs towards TCAM HIV treatment

From: Use of traditional complementary and alternative medicine for HIV patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Domain Variable Median Interquartile range
Perceived benefits (Median = 2.50, Interquartile range = 1.00) Adherence to TCAM HIV treatment can prolong my life 4.00a 2
  Adherence to TCAM HIV treatment can decrease the chances of getting worse 4.00 1
Perceived barriers (Median = 3.00, Interquartile range = 1.50) Dealing with TCAM HIV treatment side effects is stressful 3.00 2
  TCAM HIV treatment cause annoying side effects 3.00 2
  Taking TCAM HIV treatment interferes a great deal with normal activities 3.00 2
  Taking TCAM HIV treatment costs a lot 2.00 3
Perceived severity (Median = 2.75, Interquartile range = 0.75) My current infection with HIV will lead to serious long-term health problems (reverse scored) 3.00 2
  I will become very sick as a result of my infection with HIV (reverse scored) 3.00 1
  Compared to other illnesses, HIV infection is not serious 3.00 2
  Whenever I get sick it seems to be serious (reverse scored) 2.00 2
  1. a rated from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest