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Table 1 ICD10 codes for learning disabilities mapped to Read Codes and their definitions.

From: Women with learning disabilities and Read coding: Lessons from a cohort study

Read Codes Definitions
Eu81z Learning Disability
E3 Mental Retardation
E30 Mild Mental Retardation
E310 Moderate Mental Retardation
E311 Severe Mental Retardation
E312 Profound Mental Retardation
E140 Autism
Eu842 Rett's Syndrome
N726./PKy93 Prader-Willi Syndrome
N721/PJ0../PJ0z Down 's syndrome
N724/PJ2../PJ2z Edward's Syndrome
PKyz5 Angelman Syndrome
N725/PJyy4 Fragile × Syndrome
C301 Phenylketonuria