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Table 4 ROC analysis of maternal age and maternal anthropometric parameters in the estimation of the risk for LBW.

From: The effect of maternal anthropometric characteristics and social factors on gestational age and birth weight in Sudanese newborn infants

Parameter Optimal cut-off point AUC with 95%CI p-value
Maternal age (years) 27 0.536 (0.504 to 0.567) 0.268
Maternal height (cm) 156 0.591 (0.560 to 0.622) 0.003
Maternal weight (kg) 66 0.567 (0.536 to 0.599) 0.037
Maternal mid arm circumference (cm) 27 0.542 (0.497 to 0.586) 0.351
Body mass index (kg/m2) 25 0.535 (0.504 to 0.567) 0.276
  1. The p-value calculated according Hanley and McNeil [7] indicates whether the area under the normalized ROC curve (AUC) is statistically different from 0.5 (no discrimination). If the p value is statistically not significant then there is no evidence that the parameter has the ability to influence the risk for LBW.