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Table 3 Operationalised criteria for delirium (C) 1, when applied to the Cuban population based study data set, by clinical dementia status

From: The 10/66 Dementia Research Group's fully operationalised DSM-IV dementia computerized diagnostic algorithm, compared with the 10/66 dementia algorithm and a clinician diagnosis: a population validation study

  Prevalence (%) in those with clinically diagnosed dementia N = 130 Prevalence (%) (high education controls) N = 50 Prevalence (%) (low education controls) N = 95
C criterion requires that the deficits do not occur exclusively during the course of a delirium
C_1 no onset in the last month, and 100 98 100
C_2 no sudden onset in 1–3 days, and 93 94 93
C_3 not changeable over 24 hours, alert at one time, drowsy and confused the next, or 75 85 87
C_4 no confusion worse towards night or evening 52 70 61
  1. 1. Only ascertained among those with a current episode characterized by functional and cognitive decline