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Table 1 Intervention time-frame and focus

From: The Infant Feeding Activity and Nutrition Trial (INFANT) an early intervention to prevent childhood obesity: Cluster-randomised controlled trial

Infant Age Emerging Behaviours Anticipatory Guidance Intervention focus
3 mo Early weaning and introduction of solids. Introduction of nutrient poor foods.
Increased muscle control, strength and coordination.
To introduce basic concepts regarding parental feeding styles and how these might relate to beliefs about parenting.
To support parents to delay weaning/introduction of solids to 6 months
6 mo Adoption by parents of a feeding style and TV viewing habits
Food rejection by infants
Infant starts to: sit briefly unsupported; reaches with one hand; rolls over
To develop parents understanding regarding:
*feeding styles and impact on children's eating
*basic nutrition principals
*sedentary behaviours in families and limits to acceptability
9 mo Increasing use of TV
Parents' increased awareness of child mobility. Infant crawls and pulls self upright and walks with handhold
To develop understanding regarding:
* parental modeling of eating, sedentary and physical activity behaviours
* impact of eating, activity and sedentary behaviours on health of children and adults and the provision of opportunities
12 mo &
15 mo
& 18 mo
Increasing autonomy of child in eating and activity
Infant stands without support and beginning to walk
Continued development of themes/skills regarding:
* eating and moving for health parents and children
* how to feed/how to manage food rejection and demands
* providing fail-safe food and activity environments