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Table 1 Pest species trapped or had been found by crew members on board 21 ferries

From: Surveillance study of vector species on board passenger ships, Risk factors related to infestations

Species Number of individuals Number of ships Ship location Source
Blattella germanica 431 11 Galleys, dinning rooms, bars Trapped on board, complaints, crew interview
Drosophila spp. 15 3 Food storage rooms Trapped on board
Musca domestica Several 18 Galleys, dinning rooms, bars Crew interview
Bedbugs1 Several 3 Lounge, cabin Trapped on board2, complaints
Fleas1 Several 1 Cabin Complaints
Ants1,3 17 2 Garage, food storage room Trapped on board
Beetles (coleoptera)3 1 1 Garage Trapped on board
Butterfly (lepidoptera)3 1 1 Garage Trapped on board
Spiders3 2 2 Garage, luggage storage room Trapped on board
Reptiles (Chalcides ocellatus)1 1 1 Cabin Crew interview
Mice or rats 1 3 3 Galley,4 garage, deck Crew interview, complaints, other evidence4
  1. 1These species were not sent to the laboratory for identification.
  2. 2Trapped on board by Public health officers in 2003.
  3. 3Captured in rat-traps
  4. 4A rat trap was placed in the galley of a ferry that mainly transferred tracks and merchandise