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Table 1 Characteristics of participating prisons

From: 'I just keep thinking I haven't got it because I'm not yellow': a qualitative study of the factors that influence the uptake of Hepatitis C testing by prisoners

Prison Geographic area Gender of inmates Typical duration of stay Category* Capacity
HMP Durham Local Male Short B 919
HMP Frankland National Male Long A 720
HMP YOI Low Newton Local Female Short A 396
  1. * A Category A Prison is a maximum security prison, highly secured, and used mainly for high risk offenders, whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or the police or the security of the state, no matter how unlikely that escape might be, and for whom the aim must be to make escape impossible. A Category B Prison is for prisoners for whom the very highest conditions of security are not necessary, but for whom escape must be made very difficult [15]