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Table 2 Varimax rotated factor analysis of attitudes towards BSE

From: How do nurses and teachers perform breast self-examination: are they reliable sources of information?

Factor names and items Factor loading
1. The importance for the BSE in the early detection of breast cancer (eigenvalue = 4.5; variance = 14.18; α = 0.98)  
   Discovering lumps early would increase my chance of survival if I had breast cancer 0.89
   BSE is important for early diagnosis of breast cancer 0.87
   Breast self-examination can help me to find lumps in my breast, 0.84
2. Fear of Breast cancer (eigenvalue = 2.5; variance = 27.27; α = 0.81)  
   The thought of breast cancer scares me 0.85
   The possibility of breast cancer frightens me 0.83
   If I had breast cancer, I would feel bad 0.80
   I am afraid of having breast cancer in future 0.50
3. Positive attitude to BSE (eigenvalue = 2.0; variance = 40.02; α = 0.81)  
   I look for new information on breast examination 0.73
   If I ever have breast cancer, I can struggle with this disease 0.57
   I can check the progression of a mass in my breast with BSE 0.55
   I think I have to examine my breasts regularly 0.55
   I think every woman should regularly (monthly) perform BSE 0.54
   I think nurses and teachers should advise their patients and students to perform BSE 0.51
4. Avoidance of BSE (eigenvalue = 1.3; variance = 50.67; α = 0.68)  
   Monthly breast examination embarrasses me 0.80
   I am too busy to do breast self-examination 0.77
   Performing BSE is disturbing 0.71
   I think it is wrong to touch my body that way 0.49
Factor 5. Breast cancer risk perception (eigenvalue = 1.2; variance = 57.78; α = 0.23)  
   It is probable that I will have breast cancer in future 0.78
   I feel that I will get breast cancer in the future 0.74