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Table 2 Nature of interventions for self-harm. Number of patient reporting experience of an intervention, on at least one occasion in their lifetime.

From: Appropriate interventions for the prevention and management of self-harm: a qualitative exploration of service-users' views

Intervention (formal/informal) N reporting experience of intervention
General hospital admission 14
Accident and Emergency 14
G P 13
Family member 9
Friend 8
Specialist psychiatric admission 5
Counsellor 5
Social/Support worker 5
Community psychiatric nurse (CPN) 4
Alcohol Counsellor 4
Samaritans 3
Support group 2
Sheltered housing warden 2
Dialectical behaviour therapy 2
Cognitive behaviour therapy 1
Psychodynamic therapy 1
  1. N>14 as most patients had experienced multiple interventions