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Table 1 Vaccine programme according the recommendations from the National Board of Health and Welfare, ordinance, 1996:1 and 2005:18

From: Parents' attitudes towards hepatitis B vaccination for their children. A survey comparing paper and web questionnaires, Sweden 2005

  General section Selective section
Age Diphteria, D Tetanus, T Pertussis, P Polio Hib Measles Mumps Rubella Responsible for vaccination Tuberculosis Hepatitis B Responsible for vaccination
Newborn       Children at higher risk Children at higher risk Practicing doctors
3 months I I I   Paediatric health-care    
5 months II II II      
12 months III III III      
18 months     I     
5–6 years   IV       
10 years IV     School health-care    
12 years II