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Table 4 Cost-effectiveness incremental analysis of the strategies for treatment of 64 severe asthma patients

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of a state funded programme for control of severe asthma

Strategies Costs (US$) Hospitalizations Health Result Incremental Cost (US$) Cost-effectiveness incremental
    (C-D) (B-A) (F/E)
Intervention 1      
The usual treatment of severe asthma offered by the public health system with medication for exacerbations 173,440
Intervention 2      
Treatment of severe asthma offered by ProAR with inhaled corticosteroid + long acting bronchodilator 56,256
  1. Main result: there was an economy of US$ 1,395 per hospitalization avoided.
  2. The effectiveness of the intervention was measured as "hospitalization avoided" by the programme and the costs are including the families and governments costs.