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Figure 3

From: Challenges in defining an optimal approach to formula-based allocations of public health funds in the United States

Figure 3

Per capita allocation, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Funding Program, United States, 2005. For the budget period August 31, 2005 – August 30, 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded $809,956,000 to states and territories using the following allocation formula: "Each State awardee and Puerto Rico will receive a base amount of $3.91 million, plus an amount equal to its proportional share of the national population as reflected in the U.S. Census estimates for July 1, 2003. The District of Columbia will receive a base amount of $10 million and New York City, Los Angles County, and Chicago will continue to receive a base amount of $5 million."[21] The graph shows the resulting per capita allocation for states and separately funded cities/counties, by the state or city/county population.

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