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Table 1 Evaluation chart for good clinical practice assessment

From: Medical care of asylum seekers: a descriptive study of the appropriateness of nurse practitioners' care compared to traditional physician-based care in a gatekeeping system

Item Adequate Inadequate
Medical History Major information needed to differentiate possible important diagnosis were reported Insufficient Important information for clinical decisions was not reported
   Excessive Useless information collected which could either confuse the patient or the practitioner was reported
Clinical Examination Appropriate examinations were used in light of the medical history which brings to a reasonable clinical decision were reported Insufficient Clinical examination which could have helped for clinical decisions was not reported
   Excessive An unnecessary clinical exam was reported which could either confuse the patient or the practitioner
Complementary investigations Investigations were done appropriately in light of the results of medical history and clinical examination and seemed essential for clinical decision. Insufficient Results of accessible complementary examination which could have been useful was not reported
   Excessive Clinically unjustified laboratory tests were done
Referral Decision to refer or not to refer was taken appropriately Insufficient Patient should be referred for additional care but wasn't
   Excessive Patient was referred without it been necessary
Treatment Adequate treatment was proposed having taken into consideration the diagnosis and eventual counter-indications. Insufficient Appropriate medical treatment not reported
   Excessive Inappropriate treatment or incompatible treatment with clinical information was reported