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Table 1 Key informants and their tuberculosis-related responsibilities

From: Field assessment of a model tuberculosis outbreak response plan for low-incidence areas

Jurisdiction/area Type of interview Responsibilities
State In-person Provides consultation in clinical and public health matters
  In-person Under unusual circumstances, serves as lead epidemiologist and liaison with the local health districts and the state public health laboratory. (Provided public health consultation during the TB outbreak while the TB controller was on leave of absence)
  In-person Provides oversight for surveillance and control of communicable diseases, including TB
  In-person* Provides TB-related laboratory services; is responsible for processing TB samples
District In-person Performs TB case and contact investigations; reports TB cases; and advises about isolation
  In-person Provides TB-program oversight and supervises nurse TB case manager
  In-person Issues media releases and manages website with TB-specific materials prepared by the epidemiologists
  In-person In this situation, provided interim management of epidemiologic activities
  In-person Manages TB cases and provides treatment for latent TB infection
  In-person Performs TB case and contact investigations and reports TB cases
CDC Phone Provides technical assistance in TB control and prevention to nine states in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains. CDC provides state funding for TB prevention and control activities
Community In-person Provides patient care and consultation
  In-person Provides patient care and consultation
  Phone Coordinates hospital infection control
  In-person Coordinates hospital infection control
  In-person Facilitates TB education
  In-person Facilitates TB education; participates in TB clearance program
  1. * Four laboratory professionals provided a consensus response. CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; TB, tuberculosis.