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Table 1 Steps of the workplace intervention protocol

From: Multidisciplinary outpatient care program for patients with chronic low back pain: design of a randomized controlled trial and cost-effectiveness study [ISRCTN28478651]

0 Within 2 weeks after the patient visit the care manager, the OT makes by telephone an appointment with patient and patient's supervisor for the first visit of the workplace intervention protocol.
1 First visit consists of:
     1 Patient's workplace observation and inventory and ranking patient's tasks and obstacles for RTW by the patient.
     2 Inventory and ranking patient's tasks and obstacles for RTW by the patient's supervisor
     3 Patient, patient's supervisor and the OT brainstorm and discuss about as many solutions as possible to clear the obstacles for RTW.
2 Within two days after the OT has visited the workplace, the OT reports about all solutions and actions in a report to the patient, the patient's supervisor and the multidisciplinary team.
3 An optional worksite visit to give additional instructions or training to the patient will take place if necessary. The moment of execution depends on whether adjustments on the worksite have to be made first.
4 Four weeks after the first visit, an evaluation by telephone will take place between the patient and the OT with regard to the implementation of the solutions agreed upon. If necessary, a stakeholder has to be found for further support of improvements.
5 Within two days after the telephone evaluation, a final report is sent to the multidisciplinary team to report the progress of the protocol.
  1. OT, occupational therapist; RTW, return to work.