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Table 4 Predictors of EQ index*

From: Highly active antiretroviral treatment and health related quality of life in South African adults with human immunodeficiency virus infection: A cross-sectional analytical study

Explanatory variable Odds ratio** 95% CI*** P-value***
Ordinal logistic regression model    
On HAART vs. awaiting HAART 1.9 1.1–3.2 0.019
Employed vs. unemployed 1.7 0.91–3.2 0.10
Explanatory variable Coefficient**** 95% CI***  
Linear regression with bootstrapping    
On HAART vs. awaiting HAART 0.11 0.04; 0.23 -
Physical caregiver vs. none -0.12 -0.21; -0.04 -
  1. * Variables initially entered in model: total personal income, sex, employment status, previous antiretroviral treatment, recent hospitalization, having a physical or emotional caregiver or a treatment buddy, education, rooms in house, age, treatment site and treatment duration or treatment group
  2. ** Odds ratio of having a higher index
  3. *** Adjusted for district and for intra-clinic clustering of outcome
  4. **** Difference in mean index values