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Table 3 Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions

From: Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions for pandemic influenza: an evaluation of the evidence base

Human surveillance
   Case reporting
   Early rapid viral diagnosis
   Hand hygiene
   Respiratory etiquette
   Surgical and N95 Masks
   Other personal protective equipment*
Patient Management
   Isolation of sick individuals
   Provision of social support services to the isolated
Contact Management
   Voluntary sheltering‡
   Contact tracing
Community Restrictions
   School closures
   Workplace closures
   Cancellation of group events
   International and domestic travel restrictions
  1. * Gowns, gloves and protective eye covers
  2. † Separating exposed individuals from others
  3. ‡ Voluntary sequestration of healthy persons to avoid exposure
  4. §Exit and entry screening, travel advisories