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Table 2 Modified rating scheme and results for N = 168 articles

From: Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions for pandemic influenza: an evaluation of the evidence base

Classification Definition Grade Results
Systematic Review Documented extensive literature search; quantitative or qualitative summary A 9
Narrative Review Summary of field or problem by an expert citing references obtained in a non-systematic manner B 49
RCT Prospectively randomized at individual or group level C 3
Observational Studies Formal design, almost always a control group whether prospective or retrospective, and whether cross-section, panel, or case-control. Includes analysis of large dataset analysis. D 29
Mathematical Models Uses mathematical language to describe and predict biomedical and epidemiologic outcomes. E 12
Case Reports or Series Report of a (hopefully pertinent) case or series of cases, often with a perspective on the current state of affairs or the current literature F 30
Diagnostic Test Studies Studies of the laboratory or filed performance of a diagnostic test. Generally compare sensitivity and specificity to some gold standard G 0
Evidence Based guidelines Guidelines developed by bodies after review of the literature H 9
Expert Opinion, Editorials & Commentaries Opinion or "newsy" narratives I 27
TOTAL    168