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Table 2 Treatment satisfaction questionnaire employee

From: Design of a randomized controlled trial on the effects of Counseling of mental health problems by Occupational Physicians on return to work: the CO-OP-study

  Items relate to the last consultation the employee has had with the OP*
  General satisfaction with the OP
1 I am very satisfied about the contact with the OP
2 In general, contact with the OP made sense
  Interpersonal approach by the OP
3 The OP can be more respectful to me
4 The OP is more interested in the employer's, than my point of view
5 The OP seems interested in me as a person
6 The OP treats me in a pleasant manner
  Communication manner of the OP
7 The OP is good in explaining his or her opinion about returning to work
8 The OP listens well to what I have to say
  Professional knowledge by the OP
9 The OP forces me to return to work, while this is impossible
10 The OP has no experience with my kind of problems
11 The OP gives me good advice about how to deal with my health complaints
12 The OP does not seem professional to me
13 The OP knows what he/she is talking about
1–13 Total satisfaction of the treatment by the OP (all 13 items mentioned above)
* 5-point Likert scale from 1 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree)
  To increase the readability of this article we have translated the questionnaire from Dutch to English. In the study the Dutch version was used.