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Table 2 List of project-related concerns by order of priority

From: The benefits of participatory methodologies to develop effective community dialogue in the context of a microbicide trial feasibility study in Mwanza, Tanzania

Issue (ranked in order of priority) Comments made during participatory workshops
1. Blood taking 'why do you take so much blood every time?'
'blood might fall into the wrong hands and be sold for witchcraft purposes'
2. Allowances 'we are losing money when we come to clinic'
3. Speculum examinations 'how do we know the speculum is safe [clean]?'
4. Range of services provided 'why can't we bring our children to the clinic when they are sick?'
'you should treat malaria and fever in children'
'our men don't like to go to hospital [for STI treatment] – why can't we bring them to the clinic'
5. Clinic waiting times 'sometimes we wait a long time to be seen'
6. Laboratory test results 'some tests take a long time to come back'
'I went [to another clinic] and got my result straight away after I had already waited a long time for my result from your clinic'
7. Care and support for women who are HIV positive 'how can you help me if I am/become HIV positive?'
8. Stigma 'people [in the community] laugh at us for coming to the clinic - - they think we must be HIV positive'
'people think that clinics are only for people who are HIV positive'
9. Treatment issues 'why are the drugs you give us so strong? If we take them we cannot work properly'
10. Confidentiality 'my photograph might appear in the newspaper with my HIV result'