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Table 1 Cluster types

From: The benefits of participatory methodologies to develop effective community dialogue in the context of a microbicide trial feasibility study in Mwanza, Tanzania

Cluster category Characteristics of facilities within the cluster Characteristics of women working at facilities
[A]Mamalishe/Kilabu • low-income, self-employed businesses • older women with 'traditional' appearance e.g. wear long dress, headscarf, wrap-around skirt (khanga)
  • open air, makeshift, temporary structure (e.g. bamboo walls, packed mud floor, grass thatch roof) • younger women working at the facility tend to be relatives and receive little or no pay
  • facilities typically owned and managed by women  
  • generally located away from main streets in less affluent areas  
[B] Bars, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, other • staff receive a salary plus tips from customers • younger women with more 'Western' appearance e.g. wear jeans, T-shirt
  • established businesses in permanent structures (e.g. concrete walls, floor; iron or tiled roof)  
  • typically owned by men; women employed as barmaids, waitresses, cleaners, receptionists and in food preparation  
  • generally situated in more affluent areas of town