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Table 2 IDI demographics (PWD sample)

From: Fostering disability-inclusive HIV/AIDS programs in northeast India: a participatory study

IDI no. State Sex Type of disability Age in years Marital status Educational Level
M 1 Manipur F Blind 26 Unmarried Secondary
M 2 Manipur F Physical 35 Unmarried Higher secondary
M 3 Manipur F Physical 35 Widow Higher secondary
M 4 Manipur M Blind 28 Married Secondary
M 5 Manipur M Physical 18 Unmarried Secondary
M 6 Manipur M Physical 34 Unmarried Secondary
N 1 Nagaland F Physical 27 Unmarried Higher secondary
N 2 Nagaland F Physical 23 Unmarried Illiterate
N 3 Nagaland M Blind 35 Unmarried Higher secondary
N 4 Nagaland M Physical 28 Unmarried Undergraduate
N 5 Nagaland M Physical 21 Married Illiterate/No school